Posted in June 2012

Home Sweet Home

Last night I got home from a five day stay-cation, if you will, at my parents house.  And it was amazing.  I got up each morning and drank coffee and crocheted out in the pavilion with my dogs until it got too hot outside, and I spent time with my parents hanging out and catching … Continue reading

Hello, Sunrise

At about ten thirty last night I decided to do a bit of reading thinking it’s a good way to unwind at the end of a day, and once I get too tired to keep my eyes open, I’ll just drift off nicely to sleep.  Next stop, it’s 5am, the book is finished, and I … Continue reading

Blendon Woods

This morning I drove over to the Westerville area to visit Blendon Woods Metro Park. The first thing one notices when they drive in (assuming they have been to other metroparks) is that this one is heavily wooded right off the bat. Many of the others start with picnic and playground areas with large parking … Continue reading