Blendon Woods

This morning I drove over to the Westerville area to visit Blendon Woods Metro Park. The first thing one notices when they drive in (assuming they have been to other metroparks) is that this one is heavily wooded right off the bat. Many of the others start with picnic and playground areas with large parking lots. This one, however, goes right into a wooded canopy. Eventually on the right there was a clearing by the rangers station, and there, grazing in the small field was not a flock of ducks or geese as we see so readily around here, but a group of wild turkeys. Sadly, I did not get a picture because there was a car behind me, but it was pretty cool ūüôā

The main attraction at Blendon Woods is the waterfowl refuge and Walden pond. The park has specific trails that lead to lookout posts so you can check out the pond and its inhabitants. Aside from a couple of groups of ducks here and there, I didn’t see as many birds as I’d hoped. But it was still a nice place to visit. Other features of the park include some nicely wooded trails, a pet trail, and a trail specifically for hiking and cross country skiing (i.e. not your average walking type trail).

Walden Pond from the eastern outlook

Although much of the scenery was the same as in the other parks I’ve visited, I enjoyed the nice walk. ¬†Being surrounded by nature calms me and makes me think. ¬†I had a really nice and fulfilling weekend hanging out with some great people and trying to continue in the quest to get my life figured out and on track. ¬†My first jobless week, my plan was simple: to enjoy it. ¬†No job searching. ¬†No worrying. ¬†Just being. ¬†And it was great just to be. ¬†And now it’s time to get back on with life. ¬†After all, if I stay at the ‘being’ stage of this journey, no matter how nice and carefree it is, the process will be finished and nothing will be gained. ¬†This adjustment from being to doing comes in conjunction with my next challenge: to socialize.

These last few years I have resigned myself to be kind of a homebody. ¬†I will go and hang out with people, but not often and not for long. ¬†I prefer to be home and hanging with my dogs. ¬†That in itself is not altogether bad, but it keeps me in exactly the same place I’ve been. ¬†I do it because it’s comfortable and simple, and I don’t want to be bothered with meeting new people and trying new things. ¬†I make excuses and cancel plans that I am completely capable of keeping. ¬†All this, for the sake of comfort. ¬†So my challenge is to accept all invitations I logistically can to go places and hang out with people. ¬†For all of you who have been ditched by me before, I apologize, and this time I will not cancel. ¬†I will purposefully be uncomfortable and out of my element, because I know deep down that those are really the only times when growth and change can occur. ¬†I’m tired of doing things because they are simple and easy. ¬†Life is not easy. ¬†Growth is not simple. ¬†And answering the big question of what happens next should certainly not be either of those things. ¬†So come on, who wants to hang?


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