Just An Update

For those of you following along at home, this is the time for a tiny bit of catch up.  Last week marked a full month since I quit my job, and with that milestone came the realization that money is quickly becoming an issue.  I’m doing fine.  I have food for me and my dogs, and a roof and everything.  It’s not that I’m about to be evicted and dumped out into the sweltering heat.  But having little to no money coming in, despite the fact that I have spent way less of it since quitting, is starting to become a concern.  As discussed in my last post, this is the time where I second guess myself and start to lean toward the old “just settle” mentality.  And God’s response to that is for me to mention the concern to one person offhandedly and have decent paying temporary employment in a matter of hours.  Which tells me, unequivocally, that I’m right where I’m supposed to be: searching and waiting.  That’s kind of nice to know 🙂

The original plan, once I figured out the whole “science” thing, was to try and get a job actually at a college or university locally in hopes that I will then be able to take classes for free or cheap.  As of yet, no such luck.  But I press on and have now been (as due dates become closer) focusing on getting just a general job to pay my rent while I work out other life stuff.  And by other life stuff, I mean Soggy Doggie.

The Soggy Doggie store and Facebook page started all of a sudden one day when Gena posted a picture of something I made for her and someone commented that they wanted one.  So I built the store and page in a day and have done little with it since.  During this week, however, I am laying the plans for a Grand Opening, if you will, that will coincide with my birthday.  On July 17th, the store will officially open with an overhauled logo, a streamlined look, and a fairly good sized inventory.  I feel almost like it started as a squeak, and on the 17th, it’ll roar.  I’m hoping that it will be even better than I imagined.  For the longest time I was so nervous and wishywashy about the whole thing.  What if I fail?  Well honestly, even if nothing ever sells, I’ll still have done something more than I’ve ever done before or ever intended to do when the idea first came to me.  Without the unemployment time, I never would have concentrated so hard on this.  On the 17th, we will roar.  Whether or not anyone hears it? I guess we’ll just have to see.

All in all, I’m excited for what’s coming.  And it seems that every time I get a little discouraged, God is there to remind me that things are going to be okay.  They will work out.  Everything will be fine.  As for the challenges I set out for myself, I have met some and become lax with others.  I haven’t been to any of the parks in weeks, mostly because it’s 90 degrees at 8am these days.  Once that levels off a bit I’ll go again.  I miss my walks in the park.  And as for being more social, I feel like that has made me more conscious of my reasoning behind wanting to avoid people and has, therefore, given me a better way to decide whether to join in or sit out.  It’s been interesting to intentionally look at social situations in that way.  I am being more social, definitely.  And so far, I’ve had a really great summer because of it and spent time learning about new people besides my old standbys (Nick and Gena, and the Stepps, pretty much).  It’s been good to branch out.  Definitely worthwhile.

So while it may seem like I’m not doing much and nothing is changing, I can assure you that they are.  And this time it’s more than just my scenery or job.  It’s me.  Like the real me, the one I’m still trying to figure out and fully realize.  I’m changing and growing which, in the end, is exactly what I was hoping for from this jobless experiment.  Wheels are turning.  Feelings are shifting.  Confidences are cultivating.  Good things are to come.

And also, I’m thinking about writing a book.


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